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Dortmund provides start-ups with the very best conditions and environment to achieve success with their concepts. The certified STARTERCENTER NRW Westphalian Ruhr Region will help you on your way to becoming self-employed – never mind whether you already have a business plan or just a vague idea for a start-up.

STARTERCENTER NRW Westphalian Ruhr Region

Take up this offer of help from the STARTERCENTER NRW and get off to a great start putting your idea into practice!

Certified as the STARTERCENTER NRW Westphalian Ruhr Region, the City of Dortmund Economic Development Agency provides founders from all sectors with high quality, customer-oriented advice. The advantage for anyone interested in starting their own company is that all the consulting and information activities, including being able to tap into the partners’ expertise and know-how, are offered from one single source. The 31 quality criteria, which undergo regular checks, include:

- Consultants with appropriate training / qualifications
- Ongoing training for the consultants

There is lots of useful information about how to set up your new company in the STARTER-Package. We will help you get through the red tape involved in setting up a new company and getting all the permits and authorizations you need. We will also analyse your business plan and look at the feasibility of your business concept in individual consultation sessions. At the STARTERCENTER NRW Westphalian Ruhr Region you can also get hold of lots of information about finance. We also run courses, training sessions and organize meetings with experts.

Individual consultation sessions

Never mind whether you are a start-up or extending your company, the staff at the City of Dortmund Economic Development Agency provide help with everything to do with your company! A reliable, dedicated and qualified team takes care of you throughout the whole process. This is how you can turn your initial ideas into reality and get off to a successful start.

Permits / authorizations

Do you want to go self-employed? Then come to us and find out about all the permits and authorizations you will need! These vary depending on your location and the type of your business. We are always pleased to advise you on which regulations you have to comply with and on how to plan your start-up process efficiently and effectively.

Funding / finance

How can you find funding for your own start-up idea and find your way through the jungle of potential sources? We can help you! Our staff are happy to advise you on the large number of public funding programmes provided by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Federal Government and even the EU.


The City of Dortmund Economic Development Agency runs a wide range of training programmes for people starting their own business! In addition to information about the core topics of setting up your own company, money and the law, marketing and sales, you can also find out about the creative industries and founding a company from within the university.

STARTERCENTER NRW in the DLZW Business Services Centre


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